Grains and feeds

The Farmer’s Hardware Store is your first source for all your animal feed needs.  Through our specialized distributors, we offer a variety of products for both pet lovers and agricultural producers and breeders.

Cattle / Cow / Bull

Feed, block and mineral, special needs.

Whether you are starting a business or have been in production for several generations, whether you have 3 or 325 heads, The Farmer’s Hardware Store will take care of your supply.

See the choices of bovine inventory:  (french only)

Equine / Horses

Feed, block and mineral, special needs, performance feed, companion horse, gestation and junior, senior, supplements.

Intelligent and racy, companion or competition horses require specialized feed adapted to their life function.

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The Farmer’s Hardware Store offers a variety of grains for all types of animals.

Mixed grains, round corn, broken corn, round barley, rolled barley, round wheat, round screened oats, rolled oats.

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Feed and grains for laying hens and poultry

Are you looking for feed for laying hens, broilers and turkeys?  The Farmer’s Store offers a range of products from Meuneries Mondou – Campagnard that will meet your needs perfectly.

See the information guide sheet: (french only)

Organic feeds

These feeds are made exclusively from certified organic grains and biologically acceptable minerals and vitamins. No medications, preservatives, or other forms of animal products are used.

Feeds for poultry, turkey, laying hen, ruminant, goat, beef, pork, horse, duck and others are available. Bags are available in 25 kg sizes.

See the information guide sheet: (french only)

All animals

The Farmer’s Hardware Store offers food for all animals. beef and cattle, deer, goat, dog and cat, equine, rabbit, sheep, bird, pig, poultry, dairy cow.

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